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Increased Dual HIV/Syphilis Testing for the Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission

With support from WHO, Unicef and CDC, GHIG conducted a series of regional workshops and webinars, including country technical assistance, to support the elimination of HIV and syphilis through increased uptake of HIV and syphilis testing.

In 2018, three workshops were conducted in Africa and brought together > 24 countries across 3 regions. Countries were provided with technical information and WHO guidance to support national strategies and plans and develop national Road Maps.

To continue our efforts, GHIG held 2 webinars in January of 2020, bringing participants and key partners back together to disseminate the latest updates on dual HIV/syphilis testing (WHO testing guidance and Global Fund information note for funding proposals) and allow countries to take stock of progress in dual testing implementation, determine what issues need to be addressed, and receive information and support on key barriers. Presentations and shared materials can be accessed here

GHIG, in collaboration with key partners, is facilitating technical assistance (TA) to four countries to operationalize dual HIV/syphilis implementation plans as designed in their national Road Maps. The technical assistance allows for more directed support on individual country needs by working at the country level. These TAs support implementation of the new WHO testing guidance and help develop costing and country usage plans as part of the funding proposals.