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Industry Innovations in HIV Viral Load (VL)

GHIG has worked with numerous industry partners to bring about innovations in HIV viral load monitoring to improve patient outcomes.

GHIG engaged with Johnson and Johnson in an Access Panel Discussion meeting to explore potential new clinical or market developments, techniques and/or strategies around HIV viral load (VL) point-of-care (POC) diagnostics.

At the 3rd African Society for Laboratory Medicine international conference (ASLM2016) in Cape Town, South Africa, GHIG worked with Roche and the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) to hold a viral load satellite symposium that addressed innovative technologies, such a dried blood spots, to reduce barriers and challenges to the scale up of HIV viral load (VL) testing in resource-limited settings.

In 2015, Unitaid approached GHIG for technical assistance with one of their grantees, the OPP-ERA project. The project is led by a consortium of French partners (Solthis, Expertise France, Sidaction and the ANRS) aiming to expand access to quality, affordable HIV viral load (VL) testing in Western and Central Africa. The open polyvalent platforms are an innovative open laboratory system that enables HIV VL testing as well as a host of molecular tests to diagnose tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.